Sunday, December 28, 2014

Win a Free Trip to Japan by Joining this Ramen Photo Contest until Feb 28, 2015

Submit a great Ramen photo
and get a chance to win a trip to Japan for two!

The Ramen moment from the film "The Chef of South Polar"

Ramen at ANA airline
  •  Who are qualified to join?
Applicants must be citizens of the countries below.
Aside from this, the applicant must also reside in one of the following countries or in Japan.
  1. Thailand, 
  2. Singapore, 
  3. Malaysia, 
  4. Indonesia, 
  5. Vietnam 
  6. Philippines
  • How many winners?
 6 winners, 1 from each country.
  •  Criteria?
40% - Appealing (Does it make viewers want to try the ramen or visit the ramen shop?)
30% - Originality (Is the work unique?)
30% - votes from the public (# of This looks yummy votes)

Saturday, December 27, 2014 Japanese (and Chinese) learning site


Learning while having fun, without the "feeling of studying"
is what offers. You can sign up anytime and prepare yourself
gradually day by day for the JLPT, and not just the JLPT,
but for speaking Japanese in real life...

They're having a reduced price promo until December 28, 2014 11:59 Japan time. 
Otherwise, you can still get a promo (sign up for 12 months, get 3 months free). is a language learning site not just for Japanese but also for Chinese language
learners. You can learn both languages once you sign up.
I've used this for more than a year and highly recommend it.
There's a short trial for you to determine if you like it enough to continue. 

You can use the graded vocab lists or make your own lists.

There's an app which you can even use for offline study, and sync again when online...

My favorite feature is the Brainspeed game which lets you pick up on vocabulary
very fast.. It's a timed multiple choice game, which requires you to pick a vocab's correct meaning fast, else it's game over..

Here's my dashboard :)


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