Sunday, December 18, 2011

Yomiuri 5 Minute Japanese Lessons (Japanese Idioms) - Free Download

The Yomiuri Shinbun has a column - Pera Pera Nihongo, 5 Minute Japanese.

Here's the link to the lessons. There's one link per lesson.

To make it more convenient, I've compiled the 100 lessons into one PDF file.
It's quite a large file at 24MB, but has color and drawings,
and requires Japanese font on Adobe reader.
Here's the link to the compiled PDF (100 lessons minus one).
Note that Lesson 56 is missing, it's nowhere in the original site.

This is a very interesting lesson series. Each lesson answers a question
about confusing points on the Japanese language or culture.

Good material to learn real Japanese. And as a preparation for JLPT reading comprehension

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fun Nihongo Lesson Game - Japanese House Tour

... and for adults too.

From the Australian government Department of Education, Science, and Training
comes an online language resource - the  Indonesian and Japanese Readers for the Middle Years.
It's in the form of a kids' educational game where you must pick the correct choices.

It's really for kids, but it's really fun (and addictive), even adults will enjoy it.

Here's a screenshot:

It uses everyday situations such as getting around, riding a bus, a train (including tickets, getting off, etc) buying stuff, eating, and other situations that any visitor to Japan will encounter.
It's a very nice educational game.

Try it! Here's the Link. Unfortunately, the link is dead.

But here's another similar game exploring the Japanese house. It's a great way to enhance vocabulary. Click here to view the game. 

Here's a screenshot:

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